Why Us

Chinese customers have widely different expectations & requirements from
Western users. We are here to guide you to the world's largest consumer market.


What are the issues we help you to solve?

Market Study

Spending money to understand
theoretical data about the market
won’t determine, if your brands
will successfully work.

Strategy Brainstorming

Spending time determining platforms to work in, competitor issues, capabilities, etc. can be a problematic issue for each merchant expanding his/her business in China.

Legal & Compliance

Doing business in China requires
a strict legal compliance, you may
spend a lot of unnecessary money
leading you to wrong paths.

Consulting Fees

You’ll end up paying unnecessary money for consultancy, studies, time of operations in China to understand
where to even start from.

Products & Samples fees

Sending products for testing
purposes would involve product
costs, shipping fees, customs
duties, storage fees, etc…

Trust & Reliability

Most of the time you’ll need to blind
trust one interlocutor who you initially
felt comfortable with, without having
the possibility to weigh all your options.

Benefits of working with us!

No upfront money 0 risk to you

Display your products on Chinese biggest social media with 1.3B daily active users and get a direct market fit response, at no-cost.

Products/Orders 2-way sync

In 1-click synchronize both your Shopify products in WeChat store and WeChat orders in your Shopify back-end.

Fulfillment & Customs Clearance

End to end solution that includes orders sync, payment and currency conversion, fulfillment and China customs clearance.

Marketing Campaign Remote Control

Control your marketing campaigns Chinese social media platforms from within your Shopify back-end.