How it works

Sell to China Online via WeChat

Your have a Shopify store and want to expand your online business to China, but it's not easy? You might have already come up with obstacles like language barrier, totally different cultural fit, geographical distance, regulation issues which make it a long and costly process before you deliver your first order into Chinese consumers' hands.
We are here to help you sell to China via WeChat, which is the most used app in China with 1B daily active users. Sell On WeChat is your partner to open a vitrine on the WeChat Store in just a few clicks: just sync your products and instantly display your products to the World’s largest consumer market.

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Merchant Workflow

Shopify merchants sync their products to WeChat. A WeChat user in China place an order in CNY. SellOnWeChat locks the currency and sync the order back to Shopify merchants. The merchants fulfill locally and from there our partner 4PX process custom clearance and last mile delivery.

  1. 1
    Install Sell On WeChat

    As of now the SellOnWeChat app is available for all Shopify merchants as an unlisted app. Choose the free unlimited plan and install the app.

  2. 2
    Connect your products

    Once the app is installed it will pull out your entire product list and ask you which ones you want to send to the WeChat store.
    The synchronization process only needs 1 click and a few seconds later your products are displayed in the world’s largest market.

  3. 3
    Orders fulfilled

    Once a Chinese consumer places an order on WeChat, our app will synchronize that order in your native Shopify dashboard and you only have to fulfill it to a local warehouse using your regular store fulfillment option. From that warehouse we will fulfill the parcel all the way to your Chinese client hands including customs clearance process. (see how we fulfill the customs clearance process).

  4. 4
    Receive payments

    We receive payments in RMB (CNY) currency from Chinese customers. We lock the rate at the date of the order. Merchants receive payouts at the end of each month, minus defects/cancellations/refunds. We like simple invoices with a few line items only for the sake of easy accounting: the monthly fee, the number of orders and the commission we take.