A unique platform for Shopify merchants AND Chinese users

a SaaS solution to make Chinese cross-border e-commerce fearless


SellOnWeChat is born with the idea to make worldwide cross-border e-commerce decentralized. Before achieving that long term mission we are starting to link China (and specifically with WeChat) and the West (specifically Shopify merchants).

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Edison Tsai, CEO

Edison was a lead engineer at Tencent working on both QQ Connect architecture and the WeChat platform, he knows it inside out. He has over 10 years experience in high level engineering, both with US/CN startups as well as big companies like Tencent, Jingdong and Yixun where he founded the e-commerce CPS (Cost Per Sale) entire back-end system.
He dedicated his life to SellOnWeChat starting from March 2019 off Shenzhen city and holds both the role of CEO/CTO.

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Mihran Papazian, CMO

Mihran wears various hats that are interesting for this project: not only he has been an entrepreneur for 18 years, a Shopify merchant for 5 years but also lived in China for nearly 10 years and has a deep understanding of local marketing practices. In 2009 Edison and Mihran partnered in a similar cross-border project, but back then no Shopify and no WeChat!

Mihran recently relocated from Los Angeles to Yerevan, it's indeed the most promising startup hub to build marketing teams for US/EU outreach.


Operating Team

Meet our small team that make those great products.

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WeChat Software Engineer

Beckham oversees all the features of the app on WeChat for Chinese end-users to have the best shopping experience.

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Graphic Designer

Mery is the designer in chief for the brand, new features on the app, marketing content and Ui/Ux.

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Front-end Developer

Artak supports the entire engineering for the merchant-side app. Any features you see on the Shopify app, he is involved.

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B2B Leadgen

Rudolf helps with all the funnels building and lead generations to have merchants use the app smoothly everyday.

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Social Media Content

Ginnie is our copywriter, when you read a post or an email chances are high you are reading her prose.

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Digital Marketing

Zhenya leads our marketing team from campaigns, funnels, automation to social media strategy she has the lead role.