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Our app connect e-merchants stores from around the world to WeChat store seamlessly. Sell On WeChat is the fastest and easiest way to synchronize your web store to WeChat in just one click and display your products to the World’s largest consumer market.

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WeChat is the most used app in China. It started with messaging and now turned into a multi-purpose app including payments that literally replaced physical wallets in the entire economy. Undoubtedly e-Commerce on WeChat is growing extremely fast thanks to 1.3 billion users pulling the app on a daily basis.



Zero risk to you,
no upfront money

Display your products on Chinese biggest social media with 1.3B daily active users and get a direct PMF response, at no-cost.

2-way sync

In 1-click sync all your Shopify products to WeChat store and get WeChat orders directly in your Shopify back-end.

Fulfillment & Customs Clearance

End to end solution that includes orders sync, payment and currency conversion, fulfillment and China customs clearance.

Marketing Campaign Remote Control

Control your marketing campaigns Chinese social media platforms from within your Shopify back-end.

How It Works

Step 1: Install the app Sell On WeChat

As of now, Sell On WeChat app is available for all Shopify merchants as an unlisted app. Choose the free unlimited plan and install the app.

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Step 2: Connect your products

Once the app is installed, it will pull out your entire product list and ask you which ones you want to send to the WeChat store.
The synchronization process only needs 1 click and a few seconds later your products are displayed in the world’s largest market.

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Step 3: Orders fulfilled

Once a Chinese consumer places an order on WeChat, our app will synchronize that order in your native dashboard and you only have to fulfill it to a local warehouse using your regular store fulfillment option. From that warehouse we will fulfill the parcel all the way to your Chinese client hands including customs clearance process.

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Step 4: Receive payments

We receive payments in RMB (CNY) currency from Chinese customers. We lock the rate at the date of the order. Merchants receive payouts at the end of each month, minus defects/cancellations/refunds. We like simple invoices with a few line items only for the sake of easy accounting: the monthly fee, the number of orders and the commission we take.

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Choose Your Plan & Get Started

Synchronize your web store to WeChat in just 1 click and display your products to the World’s largest consumer market!



5% on transactions
billed monthly

• Unlimited products sync
• Unlimited orders sync
• Fulfillment service to Chinese customers
• Product content and description optimization
• CPS (Cost Per Sale) on WeChat
• 24/7 email support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us.

What WeChat channel do you sell on?

We have a dedicated WeChat store where all the merchants sync their imported products, this is technically called a 微信小程序 (WeChat mini-program). It's an in-app store front that specialize in cross-border e-commerce along tens of thousands of other products. You could totally use our APIs to synchronize your store to any other WeChat store.

How is the fulfillment handled?

For every order we are automatically synchronizing 3 docs: the order from your back-end, the payment proof from WeChat, and the freight from the logistics partners. Get this working out is the most difficult part as we need to strictly comply with Chinese authorities in order for your parcel to properly transit. We have a direct account and access to the PRC Customs API and the ability to choose among multiple options to import your parcel.

How do you payout merchants?

Our payouts are at the end of every month. The reason we do this is to secure our Chinese customers against fraudulent fulfillment. This can harm not only your product but other merchants and our entire platform. Once product is shipped and received on the far East then this order enters in your end-of-the-month payout. This other way would have been to request a deposit but we thought it would make it even harder.

How are the operations in China?

We have a team specialized not only in WeChat marketing but in other platforms (Weibo, Little Redbook, Tiktok...) to bring traffic on your WeChat product page. If you wish to have a dedicated team contact sales to discuss Enterprise plan options.

How do you handle returns/cancellation?

You shipped the wrong item? The item is right but doesn't fit? Consumer changed his mind and want to cancel? We know how painful this return process can be so instead of shipping back the products to your US (or wherever) warehouse we keep the item in our local warehouse in Hong Kong, it will serve to fulfill the next order. In that case the user isn't charged and you don't get the order, it's just an inventory transfer that is accounted.

Can I request refund of the app?

Unfortunately no. Our app is a SaaS platform that uses technology to facilitate cross-border commerce between the West and China. You have 30 days free of charge to try it out so once this time passes we find it hard to justify a refund. Feel free to cancel anytime before your anniversary date otherwise you'll get charge for another month.